Our Direct Lines

When one begins the search for one's roots, there are usually at least four surnames to help one get started.  Then as one moves back in time the number of names grows and grows. Sometimes one can go far enough back that surnames from one line appear in another line and the speculation starts one wondering if way back somewhere the family lines are all mixed up together.

We have found that we do have common surnames in several lines that we wonder about.  Some of these common names are Reed, Hoyt, Bell, and Gorman.

Here are the main surnames in our Direct lines. Where photographs are available a link is provided. The entries in our Direct lines can be reached through the Surnames and Individuals links. Links to broader compilations for each surname are given after the base surname. 

McLeester/McCleester > miscb26.gif (1107 bytes) Photos  Jill's pictures Neal,   Lang > miscB26.gif (1107 bytes) Photos  Lachinmaier  Hoyt > miscB26.gif (1107 bytes)  Photos   McGinnis,  Brandt,  Smithanna

Hoyt Connections

The Hoyt line continues back to Simon Hoyte. Other surnames in the direct line are: Lamson, Timpson, Gold, Pickett, Higginbotham, Keeler, Slawson, Munson, Tinker, Stoodlie, Merwin and Bartlett.

Reed > miscB26.gif (1107 bytes)  Photos  RaineyHearn, Presnall, Cain,  Hardy,  Foltz/Fuller,  GallawayFielding,  Knapp

The photo link for Reed pictures, contains links to photo pages for each of the 13 children of Robert Lee and Emma (Foltz) Reed.

Tibbetts Tibbetts Connections

The Tibbetts line continues back to Henry Tibbetts. Other surnames in the direct line are: Snow, Young, Larrabee, and Canney

Heustis  Heustis Connections > miscB26.gif (1107 bytes) Photos 

The Heustis line continues back to Robert Hustis/Husted.  Other surnames in the direct line are: Bishop, Ferris, Pell, Buxton, and Pinckney.

The Family of John Hoyt McLeester and Wenonah Althea Reed > miscB26.gif (1107 bytes) Photos

My first spouse's and my childrens' lines                                                                                                     
Swearingen > miscB26.gif (1107 bytes)  Photos  Ray, Melvin, Seay  Swearingen Connections

The Swearingen line continues back to Gerrett Van Sweringen. Other surnames in the direct line are: Bowling, Farmer, Doyne, De Barrette, and Sanders.

Paul  Tharpe Moody Courtney

Bell  Starling  Sawyer  Burch

My second spouse's lines

Threat  Jackson  Works  Deathrage 

My third (and final) spouse's lines  

O'Gorman/Gorman > miscB26.gif (1107 bytes)Photos    Andy's pictures   Long  Henderson

Wathen  Riney  Coomes  Hughes Kaltenbacher

The Wathen line continues back to John Wathen who came from England to Maryland on the Francis and Mary which sailed from Bristol on Sep 10 1670.   Other surnames in the direct line are: Woods, Hawkins, Merriman, and Brayne.

Fugazzi  Arzino  Joyce  Herbert

 As with all other compilations that I present, I make no claims as to authenticity. Other than that of my direct line, I have no proof of any data. While some of it seems plausible, I leave the responsibility of proving the truth to each person. I have source document originals and copies of some data and will gladly mail copies of these to interested individuals. When a seeming connection is made, I urge each to start digging for the real, positive, and tangible records that will make that connection reality and not mere speculation.

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