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There are now over 200 contributors with over 55,160 individuals and over 20,840 families in the databases making up this site. The entry for each person contains the name of the contributor or source. There are only two exceptions. Persons listed in David W. Hoyt's book are listed with the numbers assigned in the book. Entries in the Amsden database that are blank are attributed to the the sources listed on the Amsden introduction page.

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Contributors of Data for American Indian Connections (27)

Amos, Mary Ann with link at Logan Henderson Duncan and information on his line.

Ball, Angela with much additional information on the Adair, Benge, Blair, Blythe, Lowry, and Wofford lines.

Banes, John with additional data on Moytoy's line as well as Starr and Ward information.

Becker, Roderick with the heritage of his wife, Mary Louise Ward which includes credible sources.

Boggs, Edward with additional information on John Boggs, married to Tsi-yah-neh-naw, granddaughter of Dragging Canoe. Edward sent an excerpt from the book, "Footsteps of the Cherokees", by Vicki Rozema 1995 John F. Blair, publisher.

Bowen, Ron at with Ward data.

Busch, Debi at with additional information on the Benge, Hildebrand, and Walker lines.

Cherokee Nation, The, at the Official Site of the Cherokee Nation for much wonderful information, both current and historical. 

Curry, Vela with information about Elisha Robert, second husband of Margaret Mounce and his heritage.

Davis, Helen Currie with link at Elias Boudinot aka Buck Waite and much additional information on this line.

Encyclopedia Britannica.

Foote, Elizabeth with Maria Ross' husband's first name.

Gaddie, Patricia with further information on Daniel Ross and his family.  Pat also has lineage in the Royal Lines and Hoyt Connections.  Visit her site at The St. John Royal Family Lineage of Patricia Faye Alley.

Gross, Kristi Dawn (Lake) with Wofford data and corrections.

Hampton, David Keith.  Mr. Hampton is a noted Cherokee author, Nancy Ward descendant, and President of the Nancy Ward Society. More information on Nancy Ward and joining the Society can be obtained by visiting  Descendants of Nancy Ward.  David's mailing address is P. O. Box 2138, Broken Arrow, OK 74013.

Halley Henderson, Leona with link at Hinman Hoyt (4935). Lee's main source is Emmet Starr's Old Cherokee Families, researched Oct. 1995.

Hicks, Jim with much data on Moytoy and his descendants. Jim quotes as his sources Cherokee Tragedy, The Ridge Family and the Decimation of a People by Thurman Wilkins, University of Oklahoma Press, Morman and London; History Of The Cherokee Indians by Emmet Starr; and John Ross, Cherokee Chief by Gary E Moulton.

Lerner, Sarah with link at Hannah Lewis.

Littles, Kenyon with pictures, stories and American Indian documents. As I can not fit any of the people into the database, I give their names here. If anyone can make connections, please let me know. Felix Duncan, Samuel Duncan, Maggie Stewart Duncan, Kate Baldridge and William Baldridge.

Loucks, Erleyne with pictures and data on the lines of Stand Watie and Ridge.

Lowry, Shannon with much additional information on Maj. George Lowry/Lowrey and his family lines as well as information on their Hoyt relatives.  Much of Shannon's information comes from a manuscript by Mayes Lowrey of Chandler, OK that she found in the library at Tahlequah, OK.  

Morse, Michelle with additions and corrections to the family of John W. Ellingsworth and Amanda Jane Throgmartin.

Nikki with information continuing the line of Saleechie (daughter of Doublehead).

Pope, Dennis with information via Leila D'Aiutolo on the Ward line.

Schofield, Connie with corrections on Harlan data.

Vernon, Jeannine with link at Leroy Tyner and additional data on the Hair/Tyner line.

Wright, Marti at with additions and corrections to the Moytoy and Ward lines.

Contributors of Data for Amsden Connections (23)

Amsden, Charlene Lois Amsden with link at Charles Bruce Amsden.  Charlene was formerly listed as Curry.  According to her half-sister, Caryl Marie Zumhoff Walker, Charlene has resumed her maiden name.

Amsden, Christine who got me started on the Amsden project.

Amsden, Peter C., with much help and encouragement as well as his book The History of the Amsden Family. Peter's  sites can be a great benefit to researchers of the name.  Amsden Outline History   Amsden Forum 

Andrews, Margaret Case with link at Abigail Whitney Amsden and information about her family.

Bombard, William with information on Anna Frances Amsden and her husband, Charles Everett Lehman. Bill also sent the scans of their wedding registry and their wedding reception picture. 

Boyd, Richard with link at Samuel Boyd, Sr., husband of Sarah Amsden, daughter of Isaac (11) and Sarah (Belden) Amsden. Rich's site Boyd Information Page and Quarterly Newsletter contains so many of the surnames in all my databases that there must be many links that I have not yet discovered.

Copeland, William W. with link at Eratus Amsden and additional information on the the Amsden line in general.   See William W. Copeland's Family Files for much more information.

Cordill, Marilyn Cantrell with link at Samuel A. Currier, husband of Nancy Amsden.

Cummings, Clint with link at the William Henry Amsden who married Esther Cox.  Clint also maintains the 38,000 name database for the Isaac Cummings Family Association.

Franks, Alison Gene with link at Ellen Sophia Rawson Amsden.  Alison's contribution is from the Rawson Family Records, property of Alison Gene Franks, Archivist, Rawson Family Association.

Frazer, Pat with link at Jennie M. Amsden and a continuation of her line.

French, Jean with link at Washington French, husband of Dolly Amsden.

Lowrey, Tim with data concerning Dr. John Bowers Widdis and his second wife, Wilhelmine Carolyn Schumacher.

Mansure, A. J. with link at Elsie Ray Mansure, wife of George Dean Starkweather, grandson of Frances Bradburn Amsden.

Oberlies, Scott with link at Joseph Onthank husband of Lucy Amsden. Scott's source is the Onthank Family History written in the late 1950s by his grandfather, Auther Heath Onthank.

Plank, Beverly with link at Calvin Amsden (75) and the continuation of his line.

Rich,  Jaclynn Cummings with addition of Capt. Jacob Cummings third wife, Eleanor, and proper assignment of their children.

Roth, Patricia Lynn with link at Elizabeth Amsden. Lynn is the main contributor to the American Amsden data.   Lynn's sources include Some Descendants of Isaac Amsden of Cambridge, Mass., compiled, edited, typed and published by Murray M. Brown, copyright 1934; Ancestors and Descendants of Jonathan Nichols Amsden and Amelia Jane Smith 1636-1977 and their Related Families of Colonial America, copyright 1978 by Bernice Amsden Warnick and The History of the Amsden Family by Peter C. Amsden. Lynn also contributed many pictures and documents of Amsdens.

Schwartz, Linda with help on the Amsden line.

Simms, Lyman L. with link at Cynthia M. Amsden and  pictures of the family of John Steven Lewis and his wife, Cynthia M. Amsden Lewis.

Snellenberger, Diane Karcher with link at Gottlieb Karcher husband of Helen Amsden.

Thompson, Mike and Cara with link at Peter Gigee and data about this family.

Walker, Caryl Marie Zumhoff with corrections and additions to Lois Caryl Weniger, whose second husband was Charles Amsden.

Weiler, Susan with corrections to Thomas and Chester L. Wykert and their parentage.

Contributors of Data for Bigelow/Bouton/Boughton Connections (10)

Bigelow, David with link at John Boughton, Sr.   Dave's source is The Orris and Sybil Boughton Family by Newell J. Boughton, II, Parsons, KS, 1954.

Bigelow, Jeff with link at John Boughton, Sr.  Jeff's  source is The Orris and Sybil Boughton Family by Newell J. Boughton, II, Parsons, KS, 1954.

Briggs, Dr. Glenn W. Bigelow who, along with his sister, Yvonne A. Bigelow Briggs Hess, and her daughter, Liora Adira Hess, corrected data concerning Glenn's and Yvonne's natural parents, Wesley Albert Bigelow and Bertha Christianna Rogers.   Bertha's half-sister, Maybelle Lillian Rogers and her husband, Jesse Edward Briggs, adopted them when their father died.

Burke, Lee who along with Virginia Schweyer, contributed all the Canadian side of the Schumacher/Schweyer line.

Churchyard, James Nohl with link at John Boughton, Sr.

DeWaelsche, Mark T. (Dewey) with additional information on the family of James Michael and Mary Beth (Bigelow) DeWaelsche.

Goodwin, Jim with additional information on Felix Goodwin and his family.

Hess, Yvonne A. and her daughter, Tracy Hess, with very important information about the parents of Mary Ann, Glenn Wesley, and Yvonne Alma Bigelow.

Ryno, Robert at who corrected Stites Ryno's given name.

Willford, Rick with link at John Biglo.

Contributors of Data for our Direct Lines (22)

Bates, Sandi with additional and correcting data on the Travirca family.

Campbell, Lori with information on the other wives of Horace Fonda, husband of Esther Reed.  Lori's data straightened out the mystery of now our Esther could be on a census 2 years after she died.

Campbell, Robin with additional information on the line of Robert McCleester including a copy of his marriage license and the death certificate of his wife Mary E. Lee McLeester.

Carver, Robert L., with link at Benjamin F. Cruthirds.

Coley, Deborah with corrections to Kenneth W. Mitchell's birth and death dates.

Collins, Carol with link at John Baptist Wathen and her book, The Wathen Anthology, published 1999.

Estes, Kathy with link at Dewey Harold Reed, Sr.

Fink, Adelle Bovee Reed Ray (1911-2001) with so much help and encouragement in our family research over the years.  Aunt Dee Dee was my mother's sister and labored at collecting family and related lines data for many years.

Fricke, Doug with a wealth of Schaaf data.

Gray, Warren with death information on Warren F. Hearn.

Hagen, Don who gave us the best estimate of the birthdate of Thomas Edward Riney, Sr.

Hill, Cathy with Wathen and Riney data. Cathy's sources include Arlys LeFehr, Wathen Family File, Montgomery County, MD Historical Society, Our Ancestors by G.N. Bellis and Maryland Catholics on the Frontier.

Humphrey, Jackie with link at Thomas Willoughby Waters.

Jansohn, Janice with link at Robert McCleester and the continuation of his line.

Kenyon, Evalynd Kay Reed with additions to her family.   Eve is my first cousin.

Kraeszig, Mary D., with link at Henrietta Riney. Mary's website is at

Laudeman, Bill & Annabell with Laudeman and Schaaf data.

McLeester, Carol Behling with so much help on the McLeester line it is impossible to thank her enough. Please see the McLeester surname in the Direct Lines database to see all that she has done for the preservation of our heritage. And please read the notes at her particular entry.

Meador, Judie with information about Dr. Harry Evans Pelle.

Platt, Paul with link at Edith Mae Allen.

Riney, Sara with link at Henrietta Riney.

Schaaf, Theodore who, according to Doug Fricke was completely responsible for finding the two publications by Herr Ottmar Prothmann on Oeverich.  Herr Prothmann is also acknowledged and referenced and lives in Oeverich, Germany.

Contributors of Data for our Heustis Lines (7)

Burns, Robert with link at John Posey Burns, spouse of Bertha Angeline Heustis.

Chefalo, Patrick with link at Jesse Heustis and the continuation of his line. Pat has an excellent site at The Plummer Expedition.

Heustis, Margie with many additions to the Heustis line.

Heustis, Marie with link at William Heustis and the addition of his ancestors.

Liening, Debra with much Heustis data.

Pottroff, Bruce with assistance on the family of Benjamin Tibbetts, V and Sarah Heustis.

Smith-Stanford, Sherry with additional help and data on the Heustis line.

Contributors of Data for the Ellingsworth, Brown and Stewart Lines (10)

Bilyeu, Jim at with link at Melissa Jane Ellingsworth.

Cochran, Jim with Ellingsworth and Cutbirth data. Visit Jim's  Out on a Limb.

Ellingsworth, Clifford, Highlandville, MO with link at Attakullakulla and the base for the Brown line.

Hildahl, Carol with information about Jehu T. Stewart.

Maples, Linda with link at Daniel Asbury Brown and a continuation of the Brown descendants.

Richardson, David with link at Michael Alexander Fender and the continuation of his line.

Romere, Kimberley with much help and additions to the Brown family.

Schofield, Cuma with Brown data via her book, My Mother's Brown Family

Slettemoen, Heidi Toftera with additional information on the Stewart line.

Stewart, Mellie with virtually all the Stewart, Massey and Bass data.

Contributors of Data for Hoyt Connections (154)

Alderman, John and Jean with link at Ebenzer Nims (2683-1).

Aldrich, Barbara Jane with link at Cornelia Aldrich (4741-1).

Alessandro, Anne with link at William Swazey Hoyt (5836).

Anderly, Dyana with additional information on Kenneth Vernon Griffin.

Anderson, Julia Harvey with the continuation of the line of Ray Virginia Hoyt and her husband, George Rogers Harvey.  Ray Virginia is the daughter of Lorenzo Hoyt (5521-1-2) and Sarah Philadelphia Terrell.

Andrews, Helga with data on Noah Weld (4699-1A) and his wife Huldah. Helga quotes as source The Weld Collections by Charles Frederick Robinson, privately printed in Ann Arbor, MI 1938.

Backus, Adella with link at Jesse Hoyt (3764).

Barnum, Dayonne with link at Francis Barnum (2656-1).

Barnum, Patrick with link at Zerah Barnum (3791-1).

Barr, Greg with link at Dr. Daniel Ruttan, husband of Rhoda Bathsheba Haight.

Bedient, Donald with link at Harvey Bedient (5133-1). Don had a newsletter for Bedient researchers and helped a lot of people find their roots.   Don passed away the afternoon of Jan 29 2002.

Betty with much Reed data from her husband's uncle's research.

Branca, Cheri with link at Henry Sherman, I and corrections to the Royal Lines.

Brewer, Beth with link at Malissa Ann Kellogg and Malissa's and Hannah's picture.

Bright, Julie with the addition of the wife of Buckingham St. John HOYT (5114-1-5), Eva Bush.

Broadhurst, Diane with much information on the Kellog/Plum/Reed lines.

Brown, Cliff and Lynne with wonderful information about Bartholomew "Barney" Middlemas.  Please see his individual entry for records of his employment at the Biscuit Mining Co., in Cherry Creek, White Pine Co., NE.

Brown, Dave with information concerning Miriam Hoyt, Samuel Forman and Richard Harcutt.

Bush, Robin, Researcher, (Monksilver, 2 Kilkenny Villas, Kilkenny Ave., Taunton, Somerset, TA2 7PJ, UK), commissioned and paid by Burton W. Spear.

Brusseau, Rachel with more information on her Schelb line.

Carpenter, Priscilla Hoyt with additional data on the descendants of Oscar Barnard Hoyt and pictures of her family.

Clark, Alan R., with link at Luther E. Hoyt (5170-1-3).

Clark, Elizabeth, Point Lookout, MO with link at William Russell Hoyt, Sr. (4943-1-1-1). Elizabeth passed away Apr 1 1994.

Coffin, Glen with additional data on the descendants of Reuben and Kesiah (Hoag) Haight.

Cook, Jim with link at Nancy Hodges (5531). Jim passed away May 19, 1998.

Cooper, Ed with link and corrections to Thomas Butler, Sr.

Coy, Clifford with the Coy, Brewster and related lines.

D'Aiutolo, Leila with link at Sarah Cornelia Hoyt (4944).   Leila got me started with genealogy programs as well as providing me with a wealth of Hoyt data.

Darrow, Bill with link at Ebenezer Darrow, husband of Lydia Hoyt (4346). 

Davidson, Melissa K. with link at Henry Nelson Hoyt (4321-1-1-2).

Dowler, Bettie with link at Chester Carrier (5315-1).

Downes, Myles with link at Nancy Clarinda Hoyt, daughter of George Alonso Hoyt (5417) and Sarah E. (Minor) Hoyt.

Duffy, Nola who helped with Winfield Scott's family. Nola's site is found at The Pegram Family.

Dulcich, Sharon Griffin with link at Henrietta Cecilia Hoyt.

Dulin, Margie C., with link at J.D.H. Chamberlain (6062-1-1).

Egge, Jon D., with link at Seymour Hoyt (6013).

Erickson, Steve with the continuation of the line of Reuben and Kezia/Kesiah (Hoag) Haight.

Evans, Tom with link at Elias Gilbert Hoyt (6429). Tom sent the continuation of this line. Tom writes that most of the data on Elias Gilbert Hoyt (6429) and Richard Lessey Hoyt is taken from diary and family bible entries collated into a 45 page booklet by Josephine Myrtle Hoyt Wright.

Fackler, Forrest Louis with link at Mary R. Schuyler (5258-1).

Ferris, James G. with his website at A Ferris Family Tree that contains the heritage and descendants of Jeffrey Ferris.

Fink, Adelle Bovee Reed Ray (1911-2001), my aunt, who supplied much information on the line of Ezra Reed, husband of Esther Edgerton.

Finney, Peggy with link at John Hurdle. Peggy's site is  My Hurdel Family Then and Now.

Forby, George W., with data on Jane Ann Forby wife of Frederick Maxfield Hoyt, both survivors of the Titanic disaster.

Frederiksen, Linda with link at Deacon William Rockwell.

Garland, Janet Whelpley with link at Louisa Whelpley (4647-1).

Gaumer, Jeanne Chamberlain with link at Amanda Hoyt (6482). 

Gillis, Dale with link at David Hoit (4332). 

Gips, David J., with link at William Seymour Hoyt (5242) and additional data on his wife, Lydia Carpenter Battey, and their family.

Glen, Sue with additions to the family of Lucy Urana Hoyt (6060) and her husband, Abel M. Worden.

Goates, Carolyn with corrections to the Palmer line and much additional data.

Graham, Becky with link at MacKersie Guy Graham husband of Carrie Hurdle.

Gray, Jeff with link at Mary Jane Hoyt (5322-1-4). Jeff includes this in his mail - "This information is taken from our family bible started by William Brown and Mehitable Platt Brown at Poundridge, New York in the year 1827. John K. Gray, married to Mary Jane Hoyt is my great-grandfather. The information on the Hoyt family is from a pamphlet placed in the bible, and seems to be made for a family reunion held in Norwalk, CT on May 6, 1890."

Greene, Richard H., with link at Edwin Payne, Sr.

Harazk, Edward G., with link at Abraham Goodwin (4903-1A). Edward's source is The William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine, Vol 8 No 2 Supplement (10-1899).

Harrell-Sesniak, Mary with link at Mary Frances Hoyt (4863-1-1). A picture and more information about Mary and her husband, E. I. Scott, founder of Scott Paper Co., can be found on the Old Chester, PA website. Take the Business link, then the Scott Paper Co. link.

Harter, Stephen with link at Phebe Haight (3285-1-6).

Hayes, Lee with link at and much information on Daniel Whipple, 2nd husband of Mary Tiffany Aldrich, and their family.  Lee gathered her information from her great grandfather, Nelson Wheeler Whipple's personal journal.

Heagen, Doug with link at Henry Waldo Heagen.

Halley Henderson, Leona with link at Hinman Hoyt (4935). 

Hodges, Dave with link at James L. Hodges, Sr., son of Job Hodges (5531A).  Some of Dave's data can be found at Kipke Genealogy. This site seems to be that of his sister-in-law's brother, Bob Kipke.

Hoffman, Gary whose Internet file added data to Caleb and I. C. Haight.

Holcombe, Sally with information on William Child.

Hoot, Tom with link at Mary Elizabeth Gustine. Tom supplied her parents and the continuation of the Gustine line. 

Horrocks, Lloyd A. with link at Benjamin Hayt (2685).

Hoyt, David W. with his book A Genealogical History of the Hoyt, Haight and Hight Families published by Providence Press Co., Boston, MA 1871; reprint Picton Press, New England History Press, Camden, ME 1984; reprint Picton Press, Camden, ME 1993. This book is available from Roy Olson.

Hoyt, George L. who led me to D. W. Hoyt's book.

Hoyt, James A. with link at Riley Abbot Hoyt (6445). Jim also sent us the picture of Orvil Streeter, son of John Hoyt (6440) Streeter.

Hudson, Grace with link at Charles Younglove (5826-1).

Hulce, Sylvia with corrections to the Hulce/Hulse line. Sylvia's source is The Hulce / Hulse Families in America by Lynn Harper published 1998.

Hurdle, DeWayne with additions to the family of his grandfather, Chellis Soule Hurdle.

Ingersoll, Rick D., with link at Betsey Ingersoll (3389-1).  Rick's data is at Ingersoll Family Genealogy

Innes, David with information at Sarah Pickett (2803).

Jackson, Sylvia with the continuation of the family of Capt. Hilyard Mayhew, II and Mrs. Ruth White.  Sylvia tells us that there is a hugh amount of information available on the Mayhews of Martha's Vineyard, Dukes Co., MA at

Johnson, Beverley with link at Daniel C. Freeman (6511-1).

Johnson, Caleb with link at William Brewster, Sr.  

Kalvaitis, Margaret with link at Sarah P. Stinson (5889-1B) mother of Sarah Sphronia Mather (5889-1).

Kelly, Mike with supplying the surname for Georgianna Sprague who married Smith W. Mead and the ancestors of her Kelly line.

Kinney, Gregg A., with link at Sarah Kellogg (4487). Gregg's site is the Kinney Family Genealogy Page. We were sad to receive an email from Bob Smith who sent a copy of Gregg's obituary.

Klaas, Marcia with link at Simon Ludewig Himroth.

Knapp, Fred with much assistance and data. Fred is a first class reseacher and is very careful and precise about the data he passes on to others. He verifies his findings to the utmost degree. Sources

Lewis, Michael Dalley with link at Isaac Haight (2876). Sources

Loucks, Rupert Charles with link at Rachel McCoul, wife of Charles M. Hoyt (5600).

Ludvigsen, Mary Foster with link at Lorenzo Hoyt (5521-1-2).

Lull, Carol Hoyt with link at George Edwin Hoyt. Among a few other facts, Carol informed us that her aunt, Helen Jane Hoyt Woodard, had not passed on as we had reported. 

Mainwold, Michael with addition of Ezekial Wildman's two other wives and details about these families.

Malloch, Carol Casscles with link at Susan A. Casscles wife of James Backster Hoyt (6419).

Marshall, Barb with link at Timothy Hayt (3254).

Maxon, Deb with corrections and additions to the Snyder line. Deb's sources include The Centennial History of the Town of Dryden 1797-1897 compiled and edited by George B. Goodrich, and DAR certified applications.

McCargar, Robert S., with correction to Joseph McCarger.

McDowell, Glen with link at Sarah M. Bonta (6546). Sources.

Meservy, Rayman with link at Amos Ayers.

Microulis, Fran with information on David M. Silkman.

Miller, Kathy with link at Martha Washburn.

Mobley, Jimmie with link at William Chamberlain, spouse of Flora Hoyt (3800).

Morris, Russell with link at Charles A. Baldwin (5357-1A) and additional information on Anjennette Smith (5353).

Motteler, Zane C., with an enormous amount of data on the Ginsbach and Kiefer lines. Zane notes that most of the work on the Ginsbach connections was done by Mary Jane Rice (daughter of Eva Ginsbach Carr). She also did a lot of work on the Kiefers, but John Kiefer (a seventh cousin) has  a monstrous tome on the Kiefers, so some of the material on Kiefers is from his work.  Zane has his collected data at Motteler/Ginsbach Connections

Munro, James Reuben with link at Samuel Charles Hoyt (6094-1-1).

Nancy B. at with line at Mary Elmore Hoyt (4586) wife of George Clinton Hoyt (4549).

Nowlin, Richard with link at Dolly Hayt (3239).

Olson, Aldon with link at John Pickett.

Overbagh, Ted with link at William Hait (2981) and more information on his line.

Parmer, Melinda with link at Isaac Ayers (2997-2-1).   Melinda's sources include Genealogy of the Ayres Family of Fairfield County, Connecticut, by J. N. States; Charles R. Hale Collection, RG 72:1, Volume III, pp. 1-300; Barbours Index to Vital Records of Connecticut, Stamford, vol. 2, p. 234.

Pataki, Louis with additions and corrections to the line of Ira Ford Hoyt (5361).

Phelps, David with information on Adelia Antoinette Hoyt (4817).

Phillips, Bob with link at Zebulon Leach (4325-1).

Pope, Dennis with information via Leila D'Aiutolo on the Ward line.

Price, Barry for correcting the obvious error with Grace Wheeler's birthplace. Barry has a great site at Price-Shepherd Family with lots of connecting data.

Prutzman, Art with link at Levi Hoyt (3782) and correction of Venable Darius Hoyt information. See The Rev. Ard Hoyt (3143).

Ravis, Jim with the addition of Cora Bell Hoyt, daughter of Ephraim W. Hoyt (6344).

Rechholtz, Rosalie with link at Mercy Cobb.

Reuter, Linda P., with Darrow data.

Roberts, Barbara with information about Platt Saunders (5272-1A) and his wife, Amy Nash, and their family.   Barbara supplied information from a family sampler hanging in her home that she does not know who did nor when.

Rogers, George with corrections to John Dickinson and Hannah Bray. 

Root, Jay at with link at Laura Ann Hoyt (5813).

Rowley, Sandi Craig with link at Caleb Haight (2890). Sandi's sources include History of an Old House by Alice Higby Downs, unpublished manuscript.

Rudiger, Herman with data on the Abram Hoyt (4077) line.

Rutherford, Mary Beth with data on the See family and link at Jean Sy. Mary Beth sent a copy of her source, Sophia Catherine (Kate) See and her Ancestors by DeBoyd L. Smith.

Schoenleber, Stephen with additional data on the Schoenleber family.

Schubert, Dave with link at Hannah Sheely. 

Schuman, Claudia with link at Harvey Hoyt (4163-1-4).

Scofield, Norm with link at Susannah Finch.

Sevall, Naomi with link at John Schuyler Hoyt (5258-1-1) and the continuation of his line.

Severson, C. & D., with link at Azubah Hoyt (3690).

Seymer, Carla with information on Starr Hoyt (3773-1-1) and his descendants.

Shopland, Ben with additions to his family.

Sims, Myra with the surname Gregory for the wife, Elizabeth, of Mathew Marvin as well as additional data in that line.

Sisson, Joseph C., with link at Stephen Haight (3289-1).

Smith, Francine with link at Betsy Ann Hoyt (6425). Francine's source is Centennial Book of First Presbyterian Church, Addison, Steuben Co., NY

Smith, Jenean Hoyt with links at David Hoyt (4332) and Oscar Barnard Arthur Hoyt.

Smith, Marty with link at Comfort Starr Mygatt (5409A).

Stancliff, Robert and Sherry with additional data on the Stanclift family with exerpts from their book, "The Descendants of James Stanclift of Middletown, Connecticut and Allied Families" by Sherry Smith Stancliff and Robert C. Stancliff published 1995, Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 95-78956, copyright 1995.  They were fortunate to win both the Connecticut Society of Genealogists 1996 Grand Prize and the Ohio Genealogical Society First prize for 1997. Their website is at Stancliff Family Home Page.

Steffan, Amy with link at Phebe Leete.

Stewart, D & D who supplied a wonderful mug shot of Frank Hoyt born about 1883. We have not placed this fellow.  If anyone has information that may find his family, please let us know.

Sulzer, Pam with data on the family of Gilber D. Phillips (6337-1A).

Taylor, Norris at with corrections and comments on the Read line. Norris's site, Family Histories: Baldwin, Richardson, Hallock, Pollock is very useful.

Thomas, Betty with link at Solomon Sprague (5822-1).

Thorpe, Ernest with link at Theodore Thorpe.

Tuccinardi, Judy with link at James Hayes, Jr., husband of Rhoda Hayt (2822). Judy's file supplied much Hayes data as well as very interesting notes from her many contributors.

Tufts, Bill with much information on Hoyt Loyalists in the Revolutionary War.

Van Camp, Elizabeth with link at Cornelius A. Hoyt (3804).

Walcot, Cindy with link at Catherine Robblee, wife of Seth Hoyt, Sr. (3922).

Webb, Charles S., with link at Mary Hoyt (2646).

Whitney, William with the continuation of the line of Silvanus Whitney and Betty Hayt (3223).

Wierman, Kim with link at Henrietta Cecelia Hoyt, granddaughter of Thaddeus Hayt (3948).

Williams, John Hoyt with link at Robert Williams (4290-1) and the addition of his ancestors and descendants.

Williams, Richard H., with link at Peter Penfield, Sr. (3693A).

Wilson, Brad with link at Proctor Peter Newcomb.

Wilson, Roger with correcting Eliza Webb to Elisha Webb.

Winch, Randy with additional information on the the Hoyt line.

Wolcott, Linda with link at Rev. Charles Evans.

Wolcott, Mike with link at Margot Whitfield LaFetra. 

Wurster, Steve with link at Daniel Polhemus (5612-1) and Ellen DeGroot Polhemus (5610-1).

Zerfas, Paula with confirmation of Phebe's (3200) surname as Royce.

Contributors and Sources of Data on the Royal Houses (2)

Britannica, The Encyclopedia.

Lewis, Michael Dalley who supplied the beginnings of the Royal lines section

Contributors of Data for Serven Connections (5)

Bigelow, Marcia Serven with Serven data. Marcia's source is The Serven Family in America, compiled by Abram Ralph Serven, 1933.

Jessup, Anita with link at Barrent Jacobsen Kool.

Serven, Dan and Donna with Serven data.

Serven, Stephanie with correction to her birth year.

Whittier, Beth Serven with data on her immediate family.

Contributors of Data for Swearingen Connections (7)

Blackerby, Gayle Strouss with link at David Strouss father of Melissa Strouss wife of Basil Sweringen.

Daniels, Deborah and her brother, Gary Swearingen with much of the data on the direct Swearingen and Paul lines.

Loewy, Andrea C., with the contribution of "Swearingen, A 344-Year, 12-Generation Genealogy of the Family of Hugh L. Swearingen and Mary Ann (Toland) Swearingen 1636-1980" compiled by Edith Swearingen Lawyer and Bertha Swearingen Lehman in 1980.

McGaughey, Anita with link at Eleanor Swearingen and much information on the Swearingen line.

Swearingen, Connie with additional information on the Swearingen line and link at Samuel Sweringen, Jr.

Taylor, Karen Swearingen with link at John Sweringen (b. 1745). 

Contributors of Data for Tibbetts Connections (41)

Ballantyne, Carolyn (Tibbetts), with link at Andrew Jackson Tibbetts, born June 23 1857 and continuation of this line.

Woodruff-Kleinhenz-Leaming-Adams, Ann
with link at Charles O. Woodruff, her father, and corrections to his family.

Borden, Mary with link at Ursula Nason, daughter of Joseph and Mehepsabah (Tibbetts) Nason and much data on the Avery and Berry lines. Ursula was the granddaughter of Aaron (HTD 54) and Hannah (Smith) Tibbetts.

Brown, Meagan with much additional information on John Coombs Tibbets.

Correa, Sue who added Tibbetts' data.

Crosman, Tom with corrections to the Crosman line. See note at Dale Durrell.

DeLano, Don with link at Julia Quinlan Tibbetts, granddaughter of James (HTD 93) and Abigail (Lewis) Tibbetts.

Durgan, Theodore with link at William Durgin, Sr. and who supplied a continuation of this line with wonderful notes about the early settlement of the West Coast.

Durrell, Dale with most of the Durrell line. His source, of which he sent me a copy, is Descendants of Philip Durrell by Harold Clarke Durrell & edited by David Curtis Dearborn. It was printed in the New England Historical & Genealogical Register between October 1978 & January 1981. The Durrell line links through the Durgin line to the Tibbetts line at Henry Durgin and Ann Tibbetts, daughter of Ichabod (HTD 19) and Patience (Nock) Tibbetts.   Some information supplied by Dale is copyrighted by Tom Crosman and used by permission.  "These pages are copyrighted.  No commercial use of the information in these pages is allowed without the express written consent of the copyright holder. If you are a non commericial user you may freely copy, distribute, or publish the information contained herein provided you do so for no financial gain, and provided you reproduce this copyright notice. If you have any questions about this copyright please contact Tom Crosman.

Farber, Rich with much information on the line of General Paul Warfield Tibbetts. 

Fickett, Larry with link at Mary Ellen Fickett, wife of Warren Ransom Tibbetts, son of Josiah (HTD 126) and Joanna (Roberts) Tibbetts. Larry sent an enormous file covering the Fickett line from 1645 to present.  Check out the Fickett Forum and help find the Lost Ficketts.

Fine, Susan at with link at Mary Ellen Fickett and her husband, Sidney Rowell.  Susan continued the Rowell line both forwards and backwards.

George, Pam with link at Mary Josephine Tibbetts. Pam states that her information is from William Wilson Tibbetts and Wilma Adele (Bell) Ethridge.

Gorman, Mary with link at Darius Holt (F572) who supplied the Holt genealogy.

Hall, Alice with data on Thurlow Tibbets Taft and family.

Haynes, Deborah J. Lord with data on the Bradford Holmes Lord lines.

Hazelton, Trica Willey with link at Mary Talbot wife of Seth Tibbetts.

Huntress, Paul Bancroft with his website devoted to the Huntress line.

Iseke, Patricia with link at Frank Gloucester Willis.

LaRochelle, Robert with information on Mary Adams Tasker, daughter-in-law of Nathaniel and Hannah (Tibbetts) Perkins.  Hannah's parents were Jeremiah (HTD 2) and Mary (Canney) Tibbetts.

Larson at with additional information on Rev. John Johnson whose second wife was Sarah Thoms Tibbetts.

Leininger, Joy with link at Stephen Tibbetts (HTD111-xi).

McConnell, Debi Bickford with information and correctionson her Bickford / McConnell lines.

Meader, Marion with link at Elizabeth Meader, wife of Henry Tibetts (HTD 26) and daughter of Nathaniel and Eleanor (Hall) Meader. Marion's source is John Meader of Piscataqua, compiled by Granville Meader, published by the Gateway Press, Inc., Baltimore, 1975, Library of Congress catalog card number 75-33453.

Milholo, Katie with corrections and additional information on the line of Lois Dawes, wife of Nathaniel Tibbetts (HTD 73). Lois' surname had heretofore been given as Davis.

Murphy, Marian with link at George Tibbetts (HTD 112) who married Lucretia Doe and the continuation of their line.

Nibeck, Diane with link at Samuel Tibbetts Shannon, son of Richard Cutts and Mary (Tebbetts) Shannon. Samuel was the grandson of Ebenezer (HTD 68) and Rebecca (Fisher) Tibbetts.  Diane has much more information on the family of Samuel's wife, Rebecca Scammon.

Olson, Roy F., who found the link for my ancestor, Benjamin Tibbetts, V, father of Serelda and supplied the main Tibbetts line. Roy recompiled and edited The Genealogy of Henry Tibbetts of Dover, NH and His Descendants, first compiled by May (Tibbetts) Jarvis and Charles Wesley Tibbetts of San Diego, CA.

Pamm with link at George Durrell and the continuation of his line.

Patrick, Ruth with link at George Patrick who married Deborah Quimby which led to the addition of the Patrick and Jordan lines.

Pottorff, Bruce with much assistance on the family of Benjamin Tibbetts, V and Sarah Heustis. Bruce is trying to find information on Oliver Cromwell Tibbetts.

Ramos, Janet Humphreys with corrections to 

Richmond, Deana with link at William Plummer Tippetts,  HTD20-iv-1-4-3.

Russell, Leticia Rosado with link at Moses Foy, husband of Molly Tibbetts. Leticia's address is 313 Brookside Dr., Angwin, CA 94508. Molly was the daughter of Ichabod (HTD 40) and Tamson(??) Tibbetts.

Stango, Debra with link at Richard Otis, Sr., whose grandson, Otis Pinkham married Abigail Tebbetts, daughter of Ephraim (HTD 8) and Rose (Austin) Tebbets.  Debra's data can be found on Kunkel Family Genealogy Page.

Tennihan, Bob with link at Joseph H. Tennihan husband of Alice Jewett Tibbetts and the continuation of their line as well as Joseph's ancestors.

Thayer, Glenda E., with link at Alphonso Warren grandfather of Eliza Warren who married Martin Luther Tibbetts and Warum Warren who married Martha Tibbetts.

Tibbetts, Carlos J. with link at Ephraim Tibbetts, son of Stephen (HTD 124) and Thankful (Oates) Tibbetts.

Tibbetts, Reed with a huge Tibbetts database that filled in a lot of gaps and continued the line with a lot of personal notes for many of the individuals.

Tibbetts, Sandy Dodge with link at John and Lydia (Giles) Tibbetts.

Townsend, Janet with link at Susanna Bell Townsend and much information to continue the Townsend line.

Whitwell, Steven with link at Rev. Isaac Storey.  Steven supplied most of the data on this line.

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Thurman's Quest, a useful tool for Southern searchers.

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