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Introduction and Table of Contents

My original intention in publishing this website was to share the data I have accumulated over the years with "cousins" who might benefit from what I have found. As my own research has continued, as new findings are published, and as more people add their data, the files have grown and grown. This web site has now become a compilation of the original data contained in my personal family tree with that of many contributors (both individual and published). If you are researching any of the surnames presented here, I hope you will find data to help you in your quest. And, if indeed you happen to be a "cousin" of any of the individual contributors (myself included), I hope you will share your information with us and make it available for others.

It should be understood that I do not consider the data presented here to be a true "genealogy". Rather it is intended to be used as a research tool. Other than that of my direct lines (McLeester, Hoyt, Tibbetts, Gorman, Swearingen), I have no proof of any data. While some of it seems plausible, I leave the responsibility of proving the truth to each person. I have source document originals and copies of some data and pictures and will gladly mail copies of these to interested individuals. When a seeming connection is made, I urge each to start digging for the real, positive, and tangible records that will make that connection reality and not mere speculation.

Please be sure to look at the LIST OF CONTRIBUTORS. I have given the E-mail addresses of each contributor along with the link each has with this database. Where one exists, I have listed the URL of the website of linking individuals. These links are, of course, in blue. If I have left anyone out who sent me data, please forgive me and let me know as soon as possible so that I can correct my mistake.

The data here is presented "as is".  I make no claims as to the authenticity of any information except for my personal family entries. If any data is questionable, I ask that you notify me and the person who contributed the data via E-mail. There exists, of course, the possibility of mistakes from the stand point of my data entry. Data from the Encyclopedia Britannica is quoted directly.  Data from Hoyt's Issue and from D. W. Hoyt's book is fairly accurate. However, errors are possible.   In some cases it appears that D.W. Hoyt may have been given erroneous information whether by design or mistake. My own great-great-grandfather, Stephen Timpson Hoyt (5112), is listed in D.W. Hoyt's book as having died unmarried. The main controversy will arise out of the new findings concerning Simon Hoyte's heritage.

From time to time corrections and additions will be made where applicable. Corrections and additions will appear in red so that it is easier for one to note. Additions will be placed on the ADDENDUM page and as time permits, links will be added to the surname list. Specific comments I have concerning any of the data presented will appear in fuchsia.

In an effort to make the maintenance of this site easier, I have divided it into separate family sections. Where one family line intersects with another, a link is available on the entry of the connecting person. Some of these sections are my direct lines and are so noted while others connect in some way with my direct lines. The only exception is the Royal lines.  All of us would be glad to have a direct connection with a member of a Royal line but unfortunately I have not been able to do so.

If you find you have a connection and would like to add data to this site, or if you find errors that you would like me to correct, please contact me via E-mail at the address below.  I hope you enjoy your visit and find something helpful to your research.

Please be ethical and do not misuse the goodwill of others. The data presented here may be used by non-commercial entities as long as the source contributor for each piece of data is cited along with that contributor's detailed information. The data presented and the web pages herein cannot be used, copied or reproduced in any format for profit or any presentation meant to gain profit.

Jill E. McLeester

Table of Contents

Bullet Direct Lines

Here are found the direct lines from which my family grows. With the exception of the Royal Houses of Europe, these lines link to the following connections either by blood or by marriage.   I hope you enjoy your visit, and if you have a connection, please let me know. 

BulletHeustis Connections

The Heustis line is part of my maternal grandmother's heritage.

My aunt, Adelle Bovee Reed Ray Fink, had been researching this part of the family for many years and always shared the information she had been able to positively identify.  When she died and left me all her research papers, I began to see what information may fit with the existing data I had.  With the help of Patrick Chefalo, another Heustis researcher, I have been able to expand this line to the point that it now has its own database.

Bullet Hoyt Connections

The Hoyt line is that of my paternal grandmother's heritage. 

"A Genealogical History of the Hoyt, Haight, and Hight Families" by David Webster Hoyt, published first in 1871 by the Providence Press Company, Boston, Massachusetts forms the basis of this section. Only the descendants of Simon are listed here as that is the line of my paternal grandmother. The Picton Press, under its New England History Press imprint, published reprints in 1984 and in 1993.

The numeric following some names is that of the system used by David W. Hoyt. Where the person is listed in this book but not assigned a number I have used the convention of adding either letters or numbers preceded with a dash to the number of the identifying root person.

I have incorporated the new heritage of our immigrant, Simon. This data was compiled from the findings of Robin Bush, Researcher, Taunton, England commissioned and paid by Burton W. Spear. Hoyt's Issue published this data in the Spring 1996 and Spring 1997 issues. I have applied David W. Hoyt's numbering system to this updated heritage.

Bullet Tibbetts Connections

The Tibbetts line is part of my maternal grandmother's heritage.

The data contained in this section is based on the publication entitled "Henry Tibbetts of Dover, New Hampshire and His Descendants". It is the work of Roy F. Olson who gathered the data from several volumes of the New England Historic and Genealogical Register. The original data presented by the NEHGR was compiled by May (Tibbetts) Jarvis and Charles Wesley Tibbetts of San Diego, California.

Roy is also the editor of Hoyt's Issue, a publication of the Hoyt Family Association and that is where I first met him. As it turns out, Roy and I share our heritage through both the Hoyt line (my paternal grandmother) and the Tibbetts line which is that of my maternal grandmother. 

BulletSwearingen Connections

The Swearingen line is that of my deceased ex-husband, my daughters and my grandchildren as well as my Swearingen in-laws and their families.

This section begins with Gerret Von Sweringen who came to America in 1655.    

Bigelow Connections

"The Orris and Sybil Boughton Family" by Newell J. Boughton, II, Parsons, KS, 1954, forms the base of this section. The connection with my Hoyt line occurs with John Bouton, Sr. 

Serven Connections

In 1933 Abram Ralph Serven compiled the genealogy of this line and titled the publication "The Serven Family in America". While the connection is several family lines away, it eventually links with my Hoyt line through the marriage of Joseph Webb, Sr. and Mary Hoyt. The pumpkin logo used on this page is from a card created by Kay Serven Smith. 

Bullet American Indian Connections

The Hoyt connection with this section is through the marriage of Hinman Hoyt to Elizabeth Candy.  As it turns out this line is also interconnected with close neighbors whose heritage is that of Dragging Canoe.  

BulletAmsden Connections

The data presented here is compiled from many sources, the main three being: Some Descendants of Isaac Amsden of Cambridge, Mass., by Murray M. Brown, Ancestors and Descendants of Jonathan Nichols Amsden and Amelia Jane Smith 1636-1977 and their Related Families of Colonial America, and The History of the Amsden Family by Peter C. Amsden. There is only one connection between my direct lines and the Amsdens but the wealth of information about this family is both interesting and delightful. 

BulletThe Royal Houses of Europe

Michael D. Lewis' data which contains the Hoyt line, seemingly connects with the royal houses of Europe. I have not been able to verify the linkage but found the ancestry so appealing that I expanded it through the use of the Encyclopedia Britannica. So, even if there is no real connection, it is possible to achieve a small understanding of the connectivity of the Royal lines.

GEDCOM files of this data are available to individuals who do not charge for data. Please E-mail your request for consideration.

Some limited but interesting Inquires are added here to aid others.

Please visit us at THREE Systems, our business site, to see what we do for a living.

If you do not have genealogy software and want to have your data produced in book format, please e-mail me for a list of my services.

I welcome all comments, corrections, and suggestions. Please let me know of typos and E-mail addresses or links that no longer work. Thank you all for your help.

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