John Hoyt McLeester and Wenonah Althea Reed Family

             before Germany                                       to Germany                                      after Germany

                             after England                     

Amy was born while we were in Germany & was added to the 1954 passport using that funny little picture.

Janet & Jill 1950                          Jack & Wenonah 1953                               Janet & Jill          

Frankfort, Germany 1953               London, England 1960 
     Janet, Amy, & Jill

Amy,  Dutchess, & Tweety                                                                               That's a colander on her head! 

Mom & Dad made sure we experienced as much of Europe as possible.  We lived on the local economies & and traveled every chance.  Janet & Jill interacted with this man's monkey,  had their picture taken in Holland (we still have the wooden shoes we wore), and though this picture is not very good, it proves we visited Pisa, Italy.

In Rome we road in a carriage & visited Trevy Fountain.

Across Europe, we visited many historical sites.

       To reach the Swiss Alps, we crossed the border with Italy where Franco checked our papers.

Of course, when we weren't doing all that traveling, we were at home.

These are pictures of our home in London.  Janet (the activist from birth) protested the way she was treated by Jill and held a rally with friends outside our flat. 

To all my cousins and family members out there: If you have pictures you want to share with the rest of us, just scan them and send them to me. I'll add them to the appropriate page.   Jill

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