Makaya's Page

Makaya is my granddaughter, daughter of Michele.  I had seen her only once and it was at the time of my mother's funeral in January 1990.  I had never spoken to her but I had maintained contact over the years by sending her and her siblings birthday and Christmas presents.  I had always had faith that someday they would contact me.  But I was still so surprised when Makaya called me in August 2007.  I can not begin to adequately describe my thankfulness and joy that she decided to share her life with me.  God bless you, Makaya, you have made this grandma and great-grandma the happiest being in the world!  God has truly blessed me!                                                                                                                           Love, Jillie


Makaya and Ryan

Zoey and her Daddy


Zoey and her Mommy

It appears that Zoey loves dressing-up!


                     A new little baby.                     Zander                        First swing

It looks as though Zander eats well and loves his food!

Mommy has her camera again!

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